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Dr. Zsolt Keresztessy, PhD MBA
Protein Expression and Cell Engineering Laboratory
Center for Clinical Genomics and Personalised Medicine
Nagyerdei krt 98, Debrecen H-4032 Hungary
Tel: +36 52 411 717 / 50226, 50206
Find us:
Room 3.2.5 and Lab3.26, IVDI Building, Medical and Health Sciences Center




Protein Expression Services

Protein expression services are opening for the University of Debrecen from May 2012.

Recombinant Human IL-4

Recombinant human IL-4 is available for purchase either in the form of IL-4 containing culture medium (use 1:10 dilution) or in purified form. The protein is produced in HEK293T cells, batch-tested by Western blotting, ELISA, TF-1 proliferation assay, and against endotoxins. See product sheet. Please, order online.

Polyclonal anti-SMRT antibody

Rabbit polyclonal anti-SMRT antibody is available for purchase. The antibody is protein-A purified, Western, IP, IHC, ChIP tested. See product sheet.

  • Antibodies and Cytokines
    Antibodies and Cytokines

    Monoclonal antibody development and recombinant cytokine products

  • Protein expression
    Protein expression

    From custom DNA sequence to purified recombinant proteins – Gene-to-Protein Services

  • Cell/Genome Engineering
    Cell/Genome Engineering

    State-of-the-Art technologies to generate stable mammalian cell lines for research, bioassay and biopharmaceutical production

The Laboratory of Protein Expression and Cell Engineering operates as a research and development lab as well as a core facility within the Center for Clinical Genomics and Personalised Medicine (currently renamed to Genome Medicine and Bioinformatics Core Facility), Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the Faculty of General Medicine, University of Debrecen.As a development laboratory, we are working on proprietary technologies and biotech products in the field of protein expression, monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, cell engineering, functional genomics and epigenetics. As a core facility, we provide advanced protein expression services using optimised synthetic genes and a wide range of host organisms (bacterial, yeast, insect, mammalian) for small and large scale protein production, and equipped for state-of –the-art protein purification and biochemical/biological characterisation – a full Gene-to-Protein service .
Also, we are routinely developing single and multiple transgenic or knockout stable mammalian cell lines using cell/genome engineering technologies for research, bioassay, recombinant protein production, or any custom applications to your needs. The laboratory is also offering custom monoclonal antibody development starting from antigen sequence, through epitope design up to small or large scale purified antibody preparations. We have a custom recombinant cytokine development workflow and offer cytokine expressing stable cell lines or purified cytokines. We are ready to help you with our consultation services for project and method development and special services in the field of protein engineering, directed molecular evolution, phage display technology and high throughput screening. Our services are fast and quality controlled internally with the potential for external QA in the near future. Please, consult Dr. Zsolt Keresztessy, Head of PROXENCELL Laboratory for detailed information on collaborative research and development potentials, services/products. (Director of the Genomics Unit is Prof. Dr. László Nagy, who is currently a Program Director at Samford-Burnham MRI)

The Laboratory Establishment Project was sponsored by MAG Zrt. - Hungarian Economic Development Center, North-Great Plain Region Gábor Baross Program, REG_EA_KFI_09-INNANTet. PLEASE, SEE REFERENCES FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Gene-to-Protein Services

We deliver full service from custom DNA sequence to purified recombinant protein. Individually available service components are cloning, expression, purification, and characterisation of your protein of interest.

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Stable Cell Line Development

We offer state-of-the-art Cell and Genome Engineering technologies to generate custom stable cell lines for research, bioassays and protein production. Site-specific gene mutations, deletions, insertions, gene insertions, multiple transgenic cell lines.

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Monoclonal antibody development

You provide a custom target sequence – we produce specific mouse monoclonal antibodies.
Epitope design, peptide synthesis, immunisation, hybridoma generation and screening, antibody production, purification and characterisation.

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Cytokine Development Services

If you need a cytokine at an affordable price for your research - we  produce it for you. The workflow includes gene design and optimisation, gene synthesis, cloning into expression vectors, expression, purification and biochemical/biological characterisation of your recombinant cytokines.

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Recombinant proteins

We offer special services and consultation in the field of custom recombinant protein development, engineering, design, and evolution, including mutagenesis, library generation, directed molecular evolution, phage display technology, HTS screening.

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Antibodies and cytokines at great prices

Cytokine products:
human IL-4, IL-2, GM-CSF,
mouse IL-4
Coming soon: LIF, IL-9, IL-15

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