R&D Projects

Recent project summary

Reporter cell line design and development for cell-based functional and QC testing of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies (2013)

Engineering cell lines for selective expression of cell surface receptor family members using targeted genome editing – multi-step TALEN-based cell line engineering (2012-2013)

Production development of  recombinant therapeutic moAb via genome engineering in CHO – Meganuclease (2012)

Antigen expressing cell line development for bioassays via genome engineering – Meganuclease (2011)

Epigenetics technology standardisation for clinical diagnostics –ChIP  process controls.

Development of monoclonal antibodies for ChIP applications (2010-2012)

Cytokine production development in mammalian cells (2010-2012)


Project list (2010-2013)


Reporter cell line development for therapeutic antibody release assays (2013-2014)

Engineering cell lines for selective expression of FcgR family members using targeted genome editing (2012-2013) UD-GENOMED-BIG PHARMA

Production development of  recombinant therapeutic moAb via genome engineering in CHO (2012) UD-GENOMED-BIG PHARMA

Fc-receptor expressing effector cell line development for bioassays (2011) UD-GENOMED-BIG PHARMA

Antigen expressing cell line development for bioassays via genome engineering (2011) UD-GENOMED-BIG PHARMA


*Cell line development using genome engineering technologies

VKSZ_12, R&D Competitiveness and Excellence Strategic Partnership Grants

Research and Technology Innovation Fund. Big Pharma Partner “” 2013-present

*Development of innovative antibody and cytokine production technologies


EU N-Great Plain Regional Development Fund. 2010-2012

*Development of epigenetic-based laboratory kits for the diagnosis of malignant diseases


EU North-Great Plain Regional Development Fund.



INNANTet - Development of innovative antibody and cytokine production technologies 2010-2012

- North Great Plain EU Regional Development Fund -Baross Program 

The aim of the project
The aim of the project is to develop an antibody designing algorithm which is based on structural information, to optimal and create antibody prototypes which are able to recognize native protein antigens, and therefore, they application is wider range, and their efficiency and reliability are much better than nowadays products.
Recombinant proteins are widely used in present-day medical biology. Antibodies are one of the most important tools used in the analysis of proteins. Nowadays antibodies are extensively used in research, pathological diagnostics as well as in therapy. Not only antibodies, but cytokines are also one of the most important reagent-family in immunology and stem cell research, and their therapeutic application is also extensive.
Our goals:
1. University of Debrecen aims to establish a research laboratory facility which is able to fast react in high quality and produce the necessary quantities of required antibodies and cytokines to meet local as well as international needs.
2. To establish novel epitope design algorithm in antibody development based on structural biological information, with the help of which it will be possible to create high affinity antibodies in an innovative way.
3. To develop labelled cytokines which can be traced in biological systems, and thereby to generate a new subtype of the reagent family.
Members of consortium
1. University of Debrecen
2. UD-GenoMed Medical Genomic Technologies Kft.
Sections of work
Antibody development
- Selection of antibody targets with importance in therapeutic or research applications.
- Epitope design, peptide synthesis, immunisation.
- Production of hybridoma cell lines producing monoclonal antibodies.
- Antibody fermentation, purification, labelling, characterisation, product formulation.
Cytokine production
- Cloning cytokine genes into appropriate expression constructs.
- Fermentation of recombinant cytokines, purification, biochemical and biological characterisation.
- Production of labelled cytokines for research and therapeutic applications.
Development and optimisation of an innovative antibody design algorythm.
Introduction of hybridoma technology with high-tech screening technologies.
Establishment of production technology and facilities.
New antibody products for a wild range of special applications.
Establishment of modern cytokine production technology and facilities.
Innovative labelling methods and competitive citokine products.
Project leader
Zsolt Keresztessy PhD, MBA
Debrecen Clinical Genomic Center
Medical and Health Sciences Center
University of Debrecen