The Laboratory has flexible capacities to take in projects from research groups within the University of Debrecen. 

We are offering

RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT COLLABORATIONS - subject to joint grant application or with a minimum contribution of 50% of all costs incurred by the project in question.

JOINT GRANT APPLICATIONS - we encourage researchers to incorporate costs of core services into grant applications, based on our cost estimate, or to nominate us in the applications as partners.

CONSULTATION - we are happy to help you in designing joint projects, or give scientific advise in your projet design to a limited extent, depending on available capacities.

SERVICES - we provide services based on rigorous project design and cost calculation  - see SERVICES menu item for more information on possibilities.

PRODUCTS - we have ready-made products (cytokines, recombinant proteins) - see PRODUCTS menu items for more information - and have a strong pipeline and workflow for new product developments to meet your needs (e.g. custom cytokine production development - you name a cytokine, we produce it for you with QC within a couple of months).


Please, have a look at our INFRASTRUCTURE and TECHNOLOGIES for infromation on our capacities, competencies and possibilities.



- Purification and characterisation (Western) of a rabbit polyclonal anti-SMRT antibody

- Cloning and expression of an Fc-fusion protein. 

- Production and purification of PNGase F enzyme in E. coli for glycoanalytic applications.

- Production and purification of human TG2 in HEK293T cell line using transient transfection.

- Production of recombinant human IL.-4, GM-CSF, LIF etc. for monocyte differentiation into dendritic cell and  ES cell culture sustainance.

- Purification of -anti-TG2 minibodies produced in HEK293T cells.

- Purification of mouse monoclonal antibodies from hybridoma culture supernatants.

- ChIP-grade mouse monoclonal anti-RARa antibody development, purification and characterisation (Western, ChIP-qPCR, ChIP-Seq)

- Peptide phage display library-base epitope mapping of tear protein depletion antibodies.

- Soluble receptor detection (Western) and quantification ( ELISA,) in culture supernatants and patient samples.


For references, see the COLLABORATIONS section.


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