1. Gene design – we help you designing your gene construct for successful expression

2. Gene optimisation – we optimise your gene sequence for high expression yield

3. Gene synthesis – we help you decide on supplier and order for you

4. Subcloning into expression vector – we subclone your gene into custom/recommended expression vectors

5. Plasmid preparation – we produce your plasmid construct at mg scale and purify ready for transfection or transformation

6. Transformation or transient transfection or stable cell line generation – you can choose your preferred host/form or we give advice

7. Expression test and optimisation – we do small-scale trial expressions and optimisation if necessary

8. Production in bacterial (E. coli) or insect (sf9) or mammalian (HEK, CHO)  cell/lines – we produce your protein at mg scale

9. Tag-based purification – we use automated affinity purification and gel filtration in custom buffer

10. Quality assurance (SDS/PAGE, ELISA, Western blot, MS, others) – we perform comprehensive analysis to ensure product quality

11. Functional assays, method development, consultation – we test the biological activity of your protein and do assay development


You may enter into the service chain at any point and decide on service type.


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